the miniman dwarf for hire

Work experience

Me and some of my guys as Mini Doorstaff

I've Got a SMALL Problem

I'm the one with the biggest......belly - the golden boy in the middle, and that's the head honcho himself Mr Paddy Power behind me!

Me and one of my trusty Mini work associates with the Canadian born rock legend that is Bryan Adams at one of his intimate "unplugged" stage shows at London's Royal Albert Hall recently. We were his "Mini Roadees" for the evening and it was a privilidge to be invited to be part of this one off event and thank you to you Mr Adams for asking us to share the stage with you!

I hope your Diamond Jubilee Celebrations went as well as mine ;-)

Cool Mini Cupid spreading the Love on this years Valentines Day

Phoenix Nights - Series 1. Episode 5

Believe it or not this is me underneath all of the prosthetics and fine looking suit
(took 4 hours every morning starting at 4AM!)
I was a‘Goblin’ in the final instalment of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows (Part II)

This was a very swanky wedding where Lord Alan Sugar was there along with Keith Chegwin
I was his Mini Me kinda thing... oh and then an Oompa Loompa... and a Mini Elvis... see the video

My gang of Mini Waiters. I’m not in this shot because I wasbehind the camera!

Me, some of the fella's with Frank Bruno at a Wedding in Liverpool

A couple of lovely Tequila hostess’ at the clothing brand Luke 77’s 10th Birthday bash

Good grief…. the things girls will do just for a free shot or Sambucca! If only you could see what I was looking at!!!

Here I am with six mini work mates as the Ant Hill Mob, and the Wacky Racers at this years Goodwood Festival of Speed 2010. I'm the Ant Hill Mob leader Clyde in the tallest hat and red tie. A big thanks to Claire at Claire Shannan Photography for the kind use of this photo.

Working at a college leavers party. A big thank you to ‘Dave Lockwood Photography’ for the kind use of the image

I appear in the recent film Sherlock Holmes directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law

A members club grand opening in Liverpool.

A recent wedding where two of us were Master of Ceremonies and one of us was playing Cupid

Me and some of my work buddies on a recent promo with an interesting take on The Usual Suspects

With Matt Lucas filming for Little Britain

Here I am working as a Christmas Elf alongside the beautiful Melinda Messenger during a shoot for GMTV recently at a Winter Wonderland in Lamberhurst, Kent.
Special thanks to Darryl Curcher (photographer and promoter) for permission to use the image

With the ever funny Johnny Vegas. Thanks for the laughs matey I’ll see you soon!

Promotional Work for TM Goss

At a company works Christmas party.
Perhaps yours next Christmas can be this good too!

With Jody Kidd

With Russell Brand and Jonathon Ross.

At the launch of the Cannon Ball 8000 2007 race at Earl's Court.

Me and some of my colleagues on a recent film shoot for an advert for a famous satellite channel. I'm the one kneeling down on the left with the blue with white striped tracky bottoms.

Me as the mascot and water boy at a recent Huddersfield URFC match played in memory of one of their players Barry (Barry White) Prosser. It was day to remember not least because the rugby ground that the match was originally planned to be played on had a corpse found on it that morning so the team had to change venues at the last minute and the poor guy lying on the floor had what I think was his leg broken during the game... Ouch!

A stunt film:

At a recent 40th Birthday party with a 80’s Disco theme


Other work

Death at a Funeral:
I appeared in this film, directed by Frank Oz as the double for the lead character.

Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights:
I appeared in an opening scene with 6 other dwarfs.  We arrived at the nightclub by coach, intoxicated, and singing football songs.  The bouncers attempted to prevent our entry to the club, and so we forced our way in.  Once in, we vandalised the fruit machine, and beat up the bouncers.

Busted Christmas Video: 
I was one of 3 elves who challenged the Busted boy’s attempted entry to the grotto (where Santa – Brian Capron aka Richard Hillman from Coronation Street – gave them clues to solve).

Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone:
This was as one of many goblins in the scene at the Gringotts Bank.

Pat Short’s Christmas Video: 
The sketch was of Pat complaining about being killed by midges in the summer.  I was one of 3 “midgets”, who stalked him, and I then shot him with a rifle.  This was filmed in Co Limerick, Eire, during the summer of 2003.

Virgin Radio – Pete & Geoff: 
I was part of 2 sponsored competitions.  The first was a driver in a car chase in go-carts (a scaled down car chase from the film “The Italian Job”), the second was as a “Lumpy Humpa” (based on Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory’s Oompa Loompas) singing riddles.

I have done 5 consecutive Pantomime seasons starting in 2001 with my first Pantomime at the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin, 2002 Ashcroft Theatre in East Croydon, 2003 Assembly Halls in Royal Tunbridge Wells, 2004 Wycombe Swan in High Wycombe and last season at the Grand Theatre in Swansea where I had the role of Head Dwarf (Skipper), which required me to sing solo’s during the show.

I have worked at the Downloaded music festival, and have recently returned from The Global Gathering in Stratford Upon Avon where my roles included walkabouts in a variety of costumes and stage shows in the evenings.

Other Work: 
have considerable experience in other roles including as Doorman (Bouncer) – working alongside one of a more traditional stature!,  “Meet & Greet” – at the launch/promotion  of nightclubs, “Red Devilling”, Stag Weekends and Leaflet Distribution.  My costumes include Black Tie/ Dinner Jacket,  Oompa Loompa, Leprechaun, and Red Devil.

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