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Dwarf Entertainer and Actor

Thanks for visiting my web site. I'm Greg Doherty. I'm 4ft 6inches tall and I'm known as The Mini Man.

I've worked on many different and diverse kinds of projects and events including the latest Harry Potter film, various TV work, the launch of loads of Clubs, Pubs and Restaurants. I've done Panto's, Adverts, Stag Weekends, Kids Parties, Weddings, Birthdays, Valentines parties, St Patrick's Day events. In fact I think I've probably done every kind of dwarf role you can think of.

If you like the idea of booking me but need a bit of inspiration check out my work experience page or my gallery for some ideas of how a dwarf entertainer could make your event one everyone will remember for a very long time.

Dwarf or Midget - Which is it?
I know a lot of people call us dwarf actors 'midgets', in fact you might have even landed on this page after searching for something like 'midget actor', 'midget entertainer' or even 'midget for hire', but just to let you know the word midget is widely regarded as a derogatory term for us people of small stature.

how i stack up against a few minor celebs!

4' 6" Gregory Doherty The Mini Man
4' 6" Jason Acuña Wee Man from "Jackass"
4' 8" Gary Coleman
5' 0" Danny DeVito
5' 2½" Dudley Moore
5' 3" Prince
5' 6" Elijah Wood
5' 7" Tom Cruise
5' 8½" Catherine Zeta-Jones
5' 9" Paul Newman
5' 9½" Heidi Klum
5' 10" Colin Farrell
5' 10" Katie Holmes
5' 10½" Nicole Kidman
5' 11½" Brad Pitt
6' 0" Denzel Washington
6' 0" Geena Davis
6' 1" Vin Diesel
6' 2" Jim Carrey
7' 3" Sandy Allen - World's Tallest Living Woman
7' 9" Radhouane Charbib - World's Tallest Living Man

Get in touch or Make a Booking

If you've got any questions or want to make book a dwarf for hire I look forward to hearing from you. Please call me on 07791 156578 during normal office hours or use the contact form at any time (please don't send me text messages).

Oh, while you're here don't forget to check out my experience page for more ideas of how you could use a dwarf entertainer for hire at your next event.

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